email upload

Import Photos from your Mobile Phone

Email photos from your mobile phone, or any computer, to your Phanfare account.

Features and Benefits

  • Imported photos are organized into albums by date
  • Choose an email import password for additional security

Phanfare for the iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a wireless digital camera

Your photos and videos appear automatically on your iPhone or iPod Touch. New photos you take on your iPhone upload automatically in the background to your Phanfare account.

Features and Benefits

  • Wireless sync of your photos and videos to your iPhone or Touch
  • Photos you take with iPhone are uploaded in the background
  • Manage your albums from your iPhone or Touch
  • Photos taken from your iPhone are geotagged


Install the Phanfare app from the Apple App Store, accessible from the iPhone, Touch, or iTunes.


Turn your Monitor into a Digital Picture Frame

The Phanfare Screensaver lets you turn your computer's monitor into a digital picture frame. The screensaver can display your images and, if you want, those of your friends and family. It is a great way for grandma and grandpa to easily view the photos you’ve shared with them.

Features and Benefits

  • View pictures from just your own albums or include those from friends and family
  • Select from random images, just new images or one particular album
rss feeds

Support for the RSS standard within Phanfare

RSS began as a way to syndicate out headlines from blogs, but has emerged as a standard to format and transmit information between websites and devices.

Phanfare supports RSS in a variety of ways

  • Subscribe to the RSS feed from any Phanfare site within any modern browser or RSS reader and get notified when the site owner adds new albums. To access a site RSS feed, browse to the Phanfare site or subsite, typically, and the RSS feed will be autodiscovered by your browser. The site RSS feed contains only headlines and links to the most recent albums on the site.
  • Display your photos in any application or on any device that supports Media RSS, including the Google Screensaver, FrameChannel, and wireless digital picture frames that support RSS. These RSS feeds contain photos not just headlines and must be accessed from the RSS settings page of your account.
facebook application

Display your Albums on Facebook

The Phanfare Facebook application lets you share your Phanfare albums with your Facebook friends.

Method #1 Create Facebook Albums

  • Send an entire album with just a few clicks from the web or iPhone.
  • Only upload your photos once, then send them to Facebook from Phanfare.
  • Set the Facebook permissions on the album to "friends", "friends-of-friends", "networks", and "everyone"

Method #2 Post to Your Facebook Wall

  • Post a message about a Phanfare album to your Facebook wall.
  • Your message will be posted with a link to the album.
  • Anyone who can see the message will be able to view the album.

Go to the Facebook Setup Wizard»
john's background switcher

View Photos on your Windows Desktop

John Conners' "John's Background Switcher" lets you automatically change the background image on your Windows desktop on a regular basis with a different photo from any Phanfare account you have access to.

eye-fi wireless memory card

Upload to Phanfare Right From Your Camera

The Eye-Fi SD card will make your camera wireless, so you can upload photos and videos to Phanfare’s cloud-based photo and video sharing service directly from your camera.

Advantages to Phanfare + Eye-Fi

  • Upload photos and videos to Phanfare without tethering your camera
  • Phanfare stores your photos and videos in the cloud
  • Eye-Fi optionally stores a copy on your desktop
  • The Phanfare iPhone app will sync your content back to your iPhone or Touch