Phanfare offers three different subscription plans
Annual fee of $29

Your own destination website at
No advertising on your Phanfare site
Unlimited Photos and Videos

Security & Privacy
Optional site passwords
Optional search engine indexing

Over 30 color schemes and other themes to choose from
Create your own color schemes
Three different table of contents layouts
Five different album layouts
Customize site title, site and album descriptions

1400 pixel maximum image size
Multiple renditions of images kept
Non-destructive image editing. Revert to uploaded version
Support for geotagging on iPhone photos

20 minute maximum length of one video
2 GB maximum file size of one video
H.264 video encoding from most popular formats
Full-screen video

Full-screen slideshows with music that include photos and videos
Upload your own music from iTunes
Downloadable slideshows for playing offline on PC & Mac

Send email invitations to your Phanfare albums
Auto-resizing galleries that adjust to size of the viewer's display
RSS feeds
Visitor reports tell you how many people viewed each album
Viewers can comment on images and videos
No requirement for viewers to register with Phanfare to view
View albums on mobile phone browsers
API integration

Phanfare for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Screensavers for PC & Mac
Desktop background switcher for PC

Service Integration
Post albums on Facebook
Tweet albums
Send photos to Phanfare using Eye-Fi™ wireless memory card

Annual fee of $99

Includes all Phanfare features plus

Archival storage of full-size original photos
Archival storage of HD videos at 5 megabits/second
Set up a CNAME to view your site in your own domain
Multiple sites in the form,, etc.
Optional subscription service to send backup DVDs each quarter
Photo Gifts available for purchase

Annual fee of $199

Includes all Phanfare Premium features plus

Set your own prices and earn money on prints and photo gifts. Learn more